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We're Mallory & Jonah

We love movies, & we're lovers

Jonah Weingarten and Mallory Jacobson have been together since 2015. One of the many indicators that these two had found their match was their ability to endlessly quote movies like Wayne’s World and Tommy Boy back and forth. Join this metal musician and millennial marketer as they take turns picking a movie to dissect each episode — either finally forcing each other to watch those movies they’ve been putting off for 5+ years, or re-watching flicks that are close to their hearts. If you’re down for the dichotomy of discussion topics like “how did this movie impact the film industry” and “who would you bone” — you’ve come to the right place.

Would you love to see your favorite movie discussed on our podcast? You can make that dream a reality! By popping over to our Buy Me a Coffee page and donating 3 cups of coffee (or the equivalent to buying Jonah nachos), you can be the one to MAKE US watch a movie of your choice, whether we want to or not. You'll even get the chance to record a voice message and be featured in the episode on your movie. Click below to donate and we will reach out directly to grab your movie pick. Thanks and party on, Wayne!


Want to pick a movie for us to do an episode on?

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