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Hi, fellow Movie Lover!

Thanks for supporting our podcast

You are literally the best for supporting Movie Lovers, we can't thank you enough. 

During the episode where we discuss the move that YOU picked, we'd love to hear from you! Hit that orange button below and send us a voice message. You get 90 seconds total and you have the ability to play back your recording before sending. You can also refresh the page and send more than one. We might not use all of your recordings if you send more than one, but we will share the best of what you give us on the pod.


Please send us an answer ANY or ALL of the following questions:

  • Why did you pick this movie? (if you only do one recording, please do this one)

  • Give us a quick intro (name, what you do, etc.) and how you either know us, or how you found our podcast. 

  • Pick any of our categories and give us your answer!


The Categories:

  • Your first memory with this movie

  • Best Actor (and why)

  • The O'Doyle (and why)

  • Most Iconic Moment / Favorite Scene

  • Favorite Quote

  • What scene did you hate?

  • Alternate Porn Title

  • "Diane Moment" (noticing things in the background)

  • Comments about the music

  • Who would you bone?

  • Controversial Take

  • Emotional Take

  • And the Oscar goes to... (can be anyone or anything)

  • Rate the movie 1 through 10 (and why)

  • Impact/influence this movie has had on the industry

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